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In 1977, Goodway was founded by Mr. Alan Yip in Hong Kong and its main focus was building tools. Moving on, Goodway slowly evolved from tooling builder only to a plastic component company by investing in numerous injection molding machines and it thus became one of the well-known and established plastic injection molder in Hong Kong.  Due to the opening of the China market in early 90s, Goodway captured this opportunity to expand its manufacturing capacity to Dongguan China.  Since then, the growth of Goodway has never slowed down with the expansion in capacity and embracement of different kinds of secondary processes.  After many years of dedication in plastic technologies, Goodway has become one of the only supplier in China which now embraces 30+ secondary processes, including 2K, 3K, NCVM, NCL, IML and more, under one roof and is wholly autonomous.

Our goal is to become a unique plastic specialist and provide cutting edge plastic solutions using the latest technology.


Goodway founded – 1977

Goodway plant in Dongguan opened – 1989

ISO 9001 certificate obtained – 1993

Precision business unit started – 1998

Clean room painting started – 2002

ISO14000 certificate obtained – 2003

Double injection molding production started – 2005

Non-conductive Vacuum metalizing production started – 2008

Goodway 10 stories R&D building completed - 2012

New automatic molding facility started – 2013

New automatic molding facility started – 2015

Poland engineering office opened – 2016

QC08000 certificate obtained – 2017

QC 13485 certificate obtained - 2018