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Dedicated to Quality Production…

We always work hard to ensure that the plastic components manufactured by Goodway are of the highest standard. Plastic components should meet the express requirements and needs of customers and Goodway Plastic continues to work towards a better manufacturing processes designed to remove any possible defects and reduce scrapping.

Goodway has its own quality control team with a stringent set of procedures that we follow to ensure the highest possible quality. This, in turn, allows quality control staff to work closely with each department to ensure that the production needs of our clients are met. Standards for each team are laid down and used to compare with their progress. Should any deviation from the quality control standards pop up, it will be observed and steps can be taken to correct the problem and preventative maintenance will follow to ensure that these problems do not resurface.

Furthermore, our system is continuously being reviewed and improved so that any flows in the manufacturing process are detected and ironed out.

Goodway is ISO 9001 and also employs ISO/TS 16949 certification tools, which is an international quality control system created with the automotive industry in mind, so that our plastic components’ production can always be of the highest standard.