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With a humble start into plastic watches, Goodway has since spread its wings and penetrated into more adventurous endeavors such as cordless phones, CD players, then headphones, sensors, computers and more recently CCTVs as well as drones and wearable devices.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment and trust, Goodway has a non-disclosure agreement with its clients to ensure that new concepts are not leaked out to the market and besides, we also understand that time is critical in the electronic market and try our upmost to ensure that products are launched earlier than our clients' competitors.

Electronics has always required precision plastic components and only the most advance secondary processes such as NCVM, NCL, IML, UV painting etc.are able to keep up with the ever-changing design trends. Since every new products has a unique design, we always need to use our material data platform to help customers choose the best materials for their products and provide a mechanically designed suitor.