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With over 20 years experience working on different communication products such as professional and office headsets, hearing aids, sport headsets, microphone and communication speakers, Goodway is well ahead in terms of the technology that is required to deal with extremely small parts and precision plastic manufacturing.

Headsets usually consist of extremely tiny and complex parts, especially in the boom arms, and we have accumulated valuable experience with different boom arms such as long booms, 2K, muti-movements, TPE booms and so on. Headsets also need robust plastics parts so as to deal with different everyday usage impacts and we are strong at using different post treatment technologies such as NCVM, clean room painting, laser, IML, NCL and so on to make the plastic parts looked exclusive and keep up with the trend.

Hearing aids have extremely small parts and this requires very high precision to produce and to ensure that we always comply with the very stringent medical standards.

With an in-house lab and professional engineers, we are able to perform dependable reliability tests to ensure that our plastic parts can meet the rigorous requirements and that our strong materials and mechanical knowledge are able to meet the high quality required in development and support.