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Mold design

Tooling is the heart and soul of Goodway and also the foundation of every products.  Goodway was established 40 years ago as a tool maker exclusively but now has evolved to being a high-tech plastic parts manufacturer.  In these 40 years, we’ve been developing our tooling capability specifically by investing heavily in all the advanced, imported tooling equipment and tools from Roders, Agie Charmilles, Makino, Fanuc, Erowa and so on.  We have also developed our own system to control the molds’ progress and quality but most importantly, a good mold can’t be built without the right technicians for tooling design, tooling coordination, programming, mold flow analysis, assembly, polishing and more. Rendered from our constant efforts and passion in tooling, we have developed a wide spectrum in different kinds of tools for high precision, 2K, 3K, over molding, insert molding, multi movements, inner thread, pin core pulling, vacuum tooling, compression silicone, liquid silicone LSR, laser texturing and even metal injection molding MIM.