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NCVM, or non-conductive vacuum metallization, is an advanced and environmental friendly technology that is used to metallize plastic parts. This technology is being currently used with different electronics components to make them look exclusive without affecting their functions since in many cases, non-conductivity is extremely critical for such devices that behold vital components such as an antenna. As such, goodway is one of the handful of plastic parts' manufacturer that is equipped with its own NCVM capability under one roof.  This provides the benefit of obtaining an advanced knowledge in NCVM with the highest control and flexibility and by combining different secondary processes with NCVM, Goodway manages to implement NCL and NCVM on soft materials.  Goodway has accumulated many years of experience on NCVM since 2003 for headsets and handsets with a NCVM chamber and it has now matured to being equipped with clean room chambers and an NCVM line system for much higher efficiency and stable production.