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Appearance and decorations have been playing a significant part in the product market for many years. Consumers are drawn to appealing, decorative products, especially in the high-tech consumer market. What draws a consumer to the product, in terms of appearance, is changing as rapidly as the speed of our current technology.

Society has moved from the old days of pure solid colored plastic to the seventies trends of translucent plastic to metallic paint and now, to the consumers wanting UV protection, high gloss, chrome, IML, IMD, PVD, NCVM, leather finish and Plastic Laser etching. If anything, the desire for decorative plastic components has grown infinitely more complicated.

In order to provide the full spectrum of plastic solutions, Goodway is able to accommodate all kinds of decorations to ensure that our clients are able to keep up with the marketplace. Seeing, however, that it is unfeasible to provide all of these different decorative services in house, Goodway Plastic makes sure that it has plenty of close, trusted partners to help us.


We constantly endeavor to experiment with several kinds of decorations before the client even asks for them; if there is a new trend on the market we will find it and we will use it.