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Since the beginning of 2000, Goodway has made serious headways in entering the Industrial market. We've been engaged in some projects related to oil plants, antenna, automotive and testing instruments. The clients needed consistent dimensions, tight tolerances, function testing, and also the integration of new high-end engineering materials, like PEEK and Ryton.

These projects have provided Goodway with invaluable knowledge and experience in the creation of Industrial plastics components. It is important that any Industrial product works efficiently and effectively such that a product cannot be allowed to fail in its purpose. If, for instance, the plastics component for an oil plant were to fail, even a small broken part, the cost impact could be huge for the oil company and its customers. In order to achieve this, we use our material database platform to assist our clients in selecting the most suitable materials for their products and also utilize the most optimum manufacturing parameters using the RJG methodology to manufacture the plastic components.