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Dedication and the desire to develop high quality plastics keep Goodway Plastic in the electronics, industrial and telecommunications markets. Almost 40% of our products are developed for the telecommunications market where the demand for quality plastics components is strong. The rest of our market is made up of:

• 30% electronics,
• 20% industrial,
• 10% other.

There are a wide range of plastic molding needs on the market today. Needs that range from the molding of stationary up to molding parts of the medical equipment, and Goodway is dedicated to creating high precision plastic parts for every client by meeting the following requirements:

• Dimensions meeting required tight tolerances
• consistent quality and delivery
• value added
• special appearances
• Development cooperation
• Fast response product

There are many other innovative requirements of plastics components that Goodway is ready to meet and exceed and we do this by demonstrating that we will keep on improving and expanding our range of knowledge in different markets and by continually stepping up to manufacture products with more advanced requirements.