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Goodway's tooling shop currently employs 200 workers, all of whom are well-trained in the use of our tooling equipment and the design of plastics molds.

Importance of Tooling

Any good plastics’ manufacturer will have onsite tooling facilities. It is the foundation of a client's product and the place where the product finally begins to take shape. We have created our own tooling shop to provide our clients with the professional services needed to craft the best possible product. In our 30 years in the marketplace, we have become known as a high-quality tool maker.

Our Mold Fabrication capabilities…

• High precision tooling (Part tolerance +/- 0.05mm and less)
• 2K/Double injection tooling
• Complex tooling, pull core, multi movement.
• Insert mold tooling
• Compression silicone
• Multi duplicate tool
• Sandwich molding tool

Over molding

Our tooling shop adheres to strict Goodway Plastic tooling guidelines to ensure consistent performance in the creation of fine quality molds. We are constantly updating our facility to maintain state-of-the-art equipment in the tooling shop for the benefit of Goodway clients.