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Goodway's outstanding program management system allows us to ensure that our plastic components are produced proficiently whilst maintaining the highest quality. From the planning stages of a project to production and through to the packaging of products, our program managers closely monitor all areas of a project and apply standardized techniques to maintain efficiency and professionalism. The program management system also ensures that problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

Program management can greatly help to improve a costumer's product through the manager's close attention to all areas of planning and production and close communication with the client to understand their needs. Our program managers are committed to excelling in product production and in meeting the client's needs. We insure this delivery by using APQP so that the end product can meet our client’s expectations at the highest level.

We ensure full support for each and every project by customizing the size of our project management team to suit the needs of the project. A total solution company, Goodway needs to have a systematic program management in order to shorten the pre-production phase, especially in the consumer product market where "Time to Market" is important. In addition, the team takes time to consistently engage in direct communication with clients so as to avoid any misinterpretation in the plastics production. Our team is able to communicate at any international level and is fully fluent in English.

There are five basic stages to the production process for new clients’ projects.

Phase one
Research & Development, DFMEA and DFM of the client's ideas for a new product.

Phase two
Tooling fabrication

Phase three
Trimming and Approval
Goodway has standard guidelines to make this process easier for our clients.

Phase four
Early production monitoring

Phase five
Project review
Goodway can always do better on the next project with our client.