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We always pride ourselves in placing a lot effort into Research & Development throughout the development of internal projects. Those projects are based on client's ideas, suggestions from our own community and even come from observing the market. In the end, all projects, no matter the outcome, assure that we are able to stay up-to-date with market trends or even plan ahead to future trends.

Goodway Plastics is accomplished in providing many varieties of Research & Development services. We are able to offer prototype samples, create Rapid Soft tools in less than 2 weeks and we can provide a substantial range of input in terms of design, material, market trend, process, color, and specification in order to improve our client's product.

We also encompass cutting edge software within our research department, such as mold flow analysis in order to minimize any chance of failure after FOT. Goodway utilizes the knowledge gained through the use of such software in addition to our 30 years of experience in applied plastics manufacturing to generate different ideas in plastics solutions. It is in fact, a mix of experience and technology.

Goodway Plastic also owns the DFM (Design for Manufacturability) guidelines to improve communication between engineers and the client, ensuring that both parties understand each other’s requirements