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The spray painting of plastics components is a highly marketable trend in plastics production. The process adds a quality decorative look to the components which can, in turn, add to the overall appeal of the completed product. Added appeal does not only mean that the product can now sell at a higher price at the marketplace but, it also means that it is able to add to the appeal of the product's brand name.

Goodway Plastic has over 20 years of experience in spray painting plastics components. We are well equipped in handling the process with our spray painting clean room, and we can also provide UV coatings to protect the product and the paint. Besides, we have been providing protective and decorative rubber coatings for our products since 2002.

Our clean rooms come equipped with two 100K class clean room auto lines with a capacity for over 40K/Hours. In addition, Goodway offers two manual paint lines for sampling small volume production or large sized plastic parts. We use this cutting edge equipment to ensure a high yield of quality finished product for clients.

Our spray painting department follows several testing guidelines to produce the best looking results on our spray painted products and should the client require, we can also follow their strict specifications in spray painting and finishing products.


Our Spray Painting Services…

• Base color coatings
• UV coating
• High Gloss UV coating
• PU coating
• EMI Shielding
• Rubber coating
• Multi coatings on a single component